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Cavalry Quarter Masters Depot

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Indian Wars

After the Civil War there were vast quantities of Horse Equipments in the Military Supply system. These stocks were issued during the Indian Wars. The equipment stayed the same with a few minor exceptions. There were minor changes in the McClellan saddle, saddle bags, and uniforms. Please contact me if you have an questions on what changes were made for different time periods you are portraying

1874 McClellan kit

Used 1874  McClellan kit,

1861 girth setup

saddle, covered, heart riggin safes

saber, shelter half, grain sack

1874 experimental saddle bags

Contact for Price and details

1874 McClellan kit

1874 expermental saddle bags

74 inside bag

1874 Expermental Saddle Bags
All leather, hand dyed
Large pouches with two smaller pouches

Shoemaker Bit

Indian Wars Shoemaker Bit
Reproduction of this famous bit

Carbine Boot

Cavalry Carbine Boot
Used through out the 
 indian wars,up to the issue
of the Krag carbine for
Cavalry use


Cavalry Quarter Master Depot