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Cavalry Quarter Masters Depot




We build and offer Cavalry Equipment from the periods of 1859 through 1945. All equipment is built to the specifications of the Military Ordnance Manuals and specifications.


Cavalry Equipment provided was mostly hand made, hand stitched with cotton thread, blackened and waxed. Cavalry Equipment made to these specifications took tremendous amounts of manpower and time to complete. At Cavalry Quarter Masters Depot we are proud to be able to reproduce these items to exact specifications for those re-enactors that want complete authentic equipment. 


The equipment produced in our shop is all hand cut, dyed and oiled to army specifications. We use the same old techniques used on the originals in assembling all our items. We are a business and must be able to provide affordable equipment to all re-enactors and historians. The only cost cutting techniques used are machine stitching with modern black thread unless order specifies differently.


If you are a mainstream re-enactor, authentic campaigner, or a living historian we can provide the exact equipment that meets your needs. 



Bobby Rose


Phone: 360-518-5727

As you can see the site is still under construction. Please check back as many more great items will be added. If you do not see something you want or need please contact us.

Bobby Rose

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